National Barbershop Quartet Day is celebrated on April 11 of every year. A barbershop quartet is a music sung in the barbershop genre by a group of four singers, either all male or all female. The music uses a four-part harmony; the style is called Capella. The four vocal parts of singers are lead, bass, tenor, and baritone. Singers appear wearing straw hats with their harmonies. Barbershop Quartet music is amazing because music is created out of nothing but the four voices. Take a minute on this day to appreciate the path; the music has traveled in all these years.

There is no bad day that can’t be overcome by listening to a barbershop quartet. This is just truth, plain and simple.” – Aldous Huxley

History of National Barbershop Quartet Day

It was first officially celebrated in Oklahoma on April 11, 1938, and was founded by the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America, now known as the Barbershop Harmony Society. Barbershop singing started in the late 1800s and early 1900s in America. Barbershop music found its popularity between 1900 and 1919, and became obscure in the 1920s. The music came back into style in the mid-20th century with the help of the Society for Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America.

National Barbershop Quartet Day

Other Celebrations on April 11

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How to celebrate the Day

National Barbershop Quartet day is fun to hear, so celebrate the day by just listening to them. You can also give an attempt at learning barbershop quartet. Take National Barbershop Quartet Day as an opportunity to sing out the music loud and proud. You can plan an event with your friends and family by inviting local choruses and quartets. Attend a barbershop quartet show and enjoy their music. Post images and share your thoughts on social media about the day by using the hashtag #BarbershopQuartetDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Barbershop Quartet Day 2024.