National Biodiesel Day is an annual observance celebrated on March 18th. The world we live has highly dependent on petroleum products and of course, has damaged the surroundings to a greater extent. However, numerous people who are looking forward to saving the planet have been switching to a renewable source of energy. Biodiesel is one of its kind which is also a better eco-friendly alternative to diesel. Thus, National Biodiesel Day celebrates this conventional diesel replacement fuel as it is letting you move in a user-friendly way without polluting the nation. Extend your hand to go green by using biodiesel to improve the environment.

“Ethanol and biodiesel allow people to burn a cleaner form of energy.” – Mark Kennedy

History of National Biodiesel Day

The history, origin, and the founder of the National Biodiesel Day are anonymous. The date is precisely chosen to coincide with the birth anniversary of Rudolph Diesel, though, the first occurrence of this Day is unknown. Biodiesel is a type of vegetable oil or animal fat-based diesel fuel that consists of long-chain alkyl esters. It is made by chemically reacting lipids like vegetable oil, soybean oil, animal fat along with an alcohol-producing fatty acid ester. As biodiesel is obtained from renewable resources, it will deliver equivalent or much better engine performance with the decrease of harmful emissions.

National Biodiesel Day

Biodiesel could be used in any diesel engine without any conversions, and it can also be used alone or blended with the petrodiesel in any proportions. The Day not only celebrates this renewable diesel alternative but also honors Rudolph Diesel, inventor of the diesel engine. It was he who has invented a diesel engine and unveiled it at the World Fair in the year 1900. The engine was designed originally to run on peanut oil as Rudolph Diesel has believed that the plant oils play a great role in fuel manufacturing.

Other Celebrations on March 18

March 18 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate National Biodiesel Day

Celebrating National Biodiesel Day is quite simple. Get to know more about biodiesel and, if possible, take a visit to the local biodiesel manufacturing unit. Find out the positive impacts it has to the environment on using it as a fuel. If you have any diesel unit, then use biodiesel to run it for a day. Contribute a little from your side to prevent your environment from being polluted. You can even encourage people around you to switch to this diesel alternative to bring in a big change in your region regarding pollution. Go green by making use of this renewable energy at least on this Day. You can share your views about biodiesel and bring in some awareness about biodiesel by spreading the word on social media using the hashtag #BiodieselDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Biodiesel Day 2024.