National Deskfast Day is an annual observance celebrated on March 19th. All those who are passionately working for the improvement of their career find only a little time to spend on eating. No matter if your work desk is at your home or in the office, breakfast is one most important meals of the day in everyone’s life. Due to the work pressure and limited time, most people end up skipping breakfast. With the decline of breakfast consumption, there has been created a special day in the calendar called National Deskfast Day. Now, are you wondering what this deskfast actually is? Well is it nothing but having your breakfast at your desk, i.e. amalgamation of desk and breakfast? Thus all those brekkie skippers are encouraged to take their breakfast as the perfect way to start the busy day.

“I think it’s important to start the day with a proper breakfast.” – Hanneli Mustaparta

History of National Deskfast Day

The first National Deskfast Day has been celebrated in the year 2015. The Day has been held as part of the National A Better Breakfast campaign. The day has been created in a way to encourage people to have their breakfast after figures show a decrease in the number of people eating breakfast. With careers being the more important thing in the life of a person, getting in the office earlier and letting out late has become a habit. Thus many a time people failed to have their breakfast, a very essential meal of the day.

National Deskfast Day

It is found that 1 in 10 doesn’t eat breakfast at all. It resulted in lifestyles changes and thus added more stress in the mornings hours. Deskfast type of eating has been introduced to find a new breakfast solution for those people who don’t even require to get up extra early. So the Deskfast is the first meal of your day eaten at your desk at work. The idea was highly criticized in the early days by the nutrients, as this practice is bad for health. But soon it has gained appreciation since the employees have consumed healthier breakfasts than at home.

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How to Celebrate National Deskfast Day

Celebrating National Deskfast Day is very simple. If you are one of those brekkie skippers, then never miss your breakfast from this celebration Day. Make sure you eat healthy deskfast to work stress-free. You can even call your coworker to have a deskfast recipe if he/she is of your kind who skips the first meal. It is the best time to start off this habit as your routine to lead a healthy life. Deskfast Day will sure give lots of benefits, and you can choose from the energy-packed fresh food like sandwiches, muffins, and some tea or fruit juice to feel fresh. Share your Deskfast Day celebrations and views on social media using the hashtag #DeskfastDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Deskfast Day 2024.