Be Bald and Free Day is celebrated annually on October 14th of every year. Need not cover up your head with artificial hairs or head coverings. It’s time to look at the real you. Check out how you look without hair on the head on this celebration day. Be Bald and Free Day is a celebration that honors the beauty of a bald head and the person who bears it.

“Anyone can be confident with a full head of hair. But a confident bald man – there’s your diamond in the rough.” – Larry David

History of Be Bald and Free Day

The history and origin of this day are still not found. The celebration of this day is a boost for those who have a shiny, smooth bald head. It also celebrates those men and women who dared to bear it. It is a day that lets you not wear a wig or a toupee; instead, wear your strength and show your courage to go bald. You are no more feeling inferior to anyone from this celebration moment. Never consider any bald-head jokes anymore. Feel proud of your baldness. You need not be required to be a bald person to get involved in this day. There are many personalities, including women who have shaved their hair to look bare. You can be one among them on this day to support those people. Make the real bald people a little free from the stress they face every day with your support.

Be Bald and Free Day

Other Celebrations on October 14

October 14 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate the Day

Indulge yourself to shave your hair on the head to celebrate the day and support bald people. Encourage the bald people you know to feel comfortable with your adorable words. If you have a bald head and if you usually cover it, then this day gives you a chance to remove it and go free. Post and share your celebrations on social media using the hashtag #BeBaldAndFreeDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy Be Bald and Free Day 2023.