Abdominal Cancer Day is observed on May 19 of every year. Abdominal Cancer is the type of cancer that occurs in the Admonen area of your body. The abdomen includes the stomach, intestines, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, esophagus, and number of blood vessels. Abdominal cancer seems to be the second leading cause of death cancer and its survival rates are very less. Abdominal cancer starts with stomach pain and stage 4 is very crucial where cancer has spread to distant parts of your body. Many abdominal-related cancers are incurable, but with regular chemotherapy and medications, it is possible to relieve the symptoms and improve life quality. Hence, it is a perfect occasion to raise awareness and educate people about abdominal cancer.

Abdominal Cancer Day

History of Abdominal Cancer Day

This event was first organized by CK Birla Hospitals and Times of India in Jaipur. In the event, Dr. Sundeep Jain said, “From now, every May 19th will be observed as Abdominal Cancer Day.” It is observed because it was the second-largest type of cancer that was found around the world. Like Cancer Day, many believed that there should be an Abdominal cancer day, and hence it has been created to spread awareness worldwide.

Other Celebrations on May 19

May 19 is also celebrated as

How to Observe the Day

On this day, you can share your thoughts, prayers, and strength with those cancer patients and survivors worldwide via social media. Also, you can organize a camp or show to create awareness among people about Abdominal cancer and how to avoid these in their life. Most Television, radio, online, newspaper, and articles focus on how to fight against this cancer by having some cancer survivors. Raise awareness about cancer disease on social media by using the hashtag #AbdominalCancerDay.

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