Yarn Bombing Day is celebrated every year on June 11th. Yarn Bombing Day is celebrated to encourage people to utilize old waste yarns and also to create awareness about Yarn Bombing. Make your own pattern by taking a needle and some yarn. The activity is mainly carried out to cover objects or structures in public places with colorful yarns. The yarns are of different types. They vary from the size of a pencil needle to the size of the pencil itself. National Yarn Bombing Day is mainly celebrated to encourage more people to do yarn bombing.

Yarn Bombing Day - June 11

History of Yarn Bombing Day

The Yarn Bombing Day was not celebrated worldwide initially. It all started at a Sewing boutique where they started to make yarn bombs for their door handles. They took different types of yarns and made their own pattern on this day to cover their door handles. From there, it started spreading worldwide. Yarn Bombing is not about covering structures or objects in public. It is a unique way of creating a pattern and making things look more beautiful than before. It started off from door handles in a sewing boutique and moved on to making covers for telephones, bike racks, colorful socks on statues, and on trees as well.

Yarn Bombing Day - June 11

Yarn Bombing is done with a spirit of beautification and fun to bring colorful patterns to urban areas around the world. People started seeing yarn bombing from a different angle. They appreciate the colorful pattern of the yarns. Trees are being yarn bombed which makes them look beautiful and colorful. Yarn bombers stopped using wool as they are allergic to some people, and they use only natural fabrics. They do it with love and create a pattern and make their time fantastic.

Other Celebrations on June 11

June 11 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate the Day

Take some yarn and a needle; go out and make some yarn bombs. Yarn Bombing doesn’t mean covering only the structures in public. You can also take a pencil and make a cover for the pencil using different yarns. You can make covers for your phone, laptop, household properties, vehicles, and whatever you wish to. National Yarn Bombing Day is meant for that only. Celebrate this day and share your experience on the social forums with the hashtag #HappyYarnBombingDay.

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