World Backup Day is celebrated on March 31st of every year. When was the last time you have backed up all your data? Have you got any second copies of all your important files, folders, photos, and more? If your answer is no, then you are seriously into some problem at least after some time. With increased smart device usage, all most all of our daily needs including personal information are stored in them. You may wonder what are they need to be occurred now to have a second copy of them? There is numerous reason for such a simple question as millions and millions of valuable data are being lost or erased every day. How will you feel when the hard-worked project files get lost in a second? Ask those who have lost their important files due to a virus attack, hardware failure, natural disaster, or anything else. As to make people from all over the world understand the importance of backing up, a special day called World Backup Day is created. Take this Day as the best time to make a copy of all your stuff and store them other than your computer.

“Always have a backup plan.” – Mila Kunis

History of World Backup Day

There isn’t any mention of when World Backup Day has been in celebration. However, it was a group of tech-savvy people of had created this useful Day. March 31st is precisely chosen as the creators of this Day don’t want you to be fooled by losing things as the Next Day is April Fool’s Day. They have come up with this idea as an independent initiative to raise awareness among the people about backups and data preservation. Irrespective of the safer or more secure device you use, it is indeed a must to have a second copy of all your family photos, home videos, documents, files, and emails. The Backup Day reminds you to keep another copy of everything somewhere safe instead of storing it all in one place like your computer. On this day, people are encouraged to learn about the increasing role of data in everyday life and the importance of making regular backups.

World Backup Day

Be it your business or personal files and information, losing your files is way risky. A report says that there is about 30 percent of people have never backed up, an accident causes 29 percent of crashes, and one in ten computers are infected with viruses every month. So it is very much important to remember that one small accident or a failure will destroy all those important stuff you care about. If you are one among those, who say your phone is near you. Then you must know that there are about 113 phones that are lost or stolen every minute. So never feel later once after losing your data and files of yours. Instead, you can back up them in a pen drive, hard drives, or cloud service.

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How to Celebrate the World Backup Day

Celebrating World Backup Day is quite simple. All you need to do on this day is to make sure you have backed up your important information. Backing up is really a simple thing to do which saves all your personal to business-related information all in one place other than your phone or computer. You can even opt to copy it on the pen drive or external hard disk. Google is the best tool to save all your documents, photos, and more with Google Drive. So have an account to safeguard your information. There are so many online backup services available that can also be used. Online backup serves you the best even during natural disasters. Ask your friends and family to make their own backup on this special day. You can share and encourage others to back up and tell the importance of doing it on social media using the hashtag #WorldBackupDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy World Backup Day 2023.