Wear Something Gaudy Day is celebrated every year on 17th October. This funny day cheers everyone to put on all the flashy, crazy, and gaudy clothes you would not wear on an average day. Wear Something Gaudy Day is a Day for bad taste, flashy clothes and funny people to take part in the celebration. The word gaudy refers to something that is bright, flashy, cheap, crazy, tacky, and tasteless. On this day, hang out by wearing tedious and tasteless clothes.

“You don’t need really expensive clothes to look cute” – Christy Romano.

History of Wear Something Gaudy Day

It is believed that Larry Dallas played by Richard Kline, one of the characters on the American comedy show created this crazy and funny holiday. The show was telecasted between 1977 and 1984 and follows the life of 3 roommates in Santa Monica, California.  It was from Larry Dallas that we were first told that this Day was something to be observed, and was given an excellent example of how. Since that time, people have been celebrating this day with a complete lack of taste and style. The point of celebrating this day is to stand out, so choose brightly colored clothes with loud patterns. Wear something tasteless, For example, wear a neon pink shirt and Pair it with funky bright green pants and wear Accessorize like more colorful jewelry.

Wear Something Gaudy Day

Other Celebrations on October 17

October 17 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate Wear Something Gaudy Day

On this day, just forget fashion and style. Have fun with your family and friends by wearing something that is gaudy and crazy. You can check out old shows and cartoons to find ideas to bring out the gaudy in this day. Also, take pictures while wearing wacky clothes and share them on social media with others by using the hashtag #WearSomethingGaudyDay.

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