Universal Children’s Day was organized in 1954 and is celebrated on November 20th each year to promote international togetherness recognition among children worldwide and improve children’s welfare. November 20th is an important date as it was the date in 1959 when the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child. It was also the time in 1989 when the UN General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Since 1990, Universal Children’s Day also marks the anniversary of the date that the UN General Assembly passed both the declaration and the committee on Children’s rights. Teachers, Mothers and fathers, nurses and doctors, government leaders and civil society activists, religious and community elders, corporate moguls and media professionals, as well as growing people and children themselves, can play a significant role in making Universal Children’s Day relevant for their societies, communities, and nations. Universal Children’s Day offers each of us an inspirational entry point to advocate, encourage, and celebrate children’s rights, translating into dialogues and actions that will build a better world for Children.

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.” -Nelson Mandela

History of Universal Children’s Day

Universal Children’s Day strives to create a day of international fraternity and understanding between children all over the globe. The holiday’s secondary goal is to promote the objectives and ideals of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child and the Custom on the Rights of the Child through activities and awareness. Children are the prospect of the planet, but they are a vulnerable group exposed to abuse and exploitation on a daily basis. As young charges, children rely on adults for everything from food to shelter to education, and it is necessary that their rights be heard if they are to survive and progress into the next generation of world citizens.

Universal Children’s Day was proclaimed in 1954 by the United Nations General Assembly as a day to be celebrated on November 20,  the anniversary of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child and the Convention on the Rights of the Child, both of which protect the human rights of children.

Universal Children's Day

Other Celebrations on November 20

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How To Celebrate Universal Children’s Day

The initial thing you’ll have to ask yourself when celebrating Universal Children’s Day is when you want to feast on it. As mentioned before, nearly every country celebrates this day on a different date, so depending on where you are in the world, the ways you can do it vary. If you have kids, this day would be a great day to contribute to them, doing something both entertaining and educational that the whole family can enjoy. How about a trip to the zoo? Nothing is positively as fascinating to children as wild animals are, and listening to them live and function will give you lots of opportunities to talk about different parts of the world and the environment. You could also get them to see a good children’s movie so you can watch it and then discuss the story afterward. Why did the protagonist/heroine behave the way he or she did? Why was the villain’s performance wrong? What would your child do if he or she was in a comparable situation? Though many people do not appear to notice, all the excellent animated movies are not just about colorful animation and lively songs. They teach valuable life lessons to children as well, about friendship, loyalty, compassion, common sense, and love, making them excellent topics for a conversation with your son or daughter over an ice cream sundae after the movie. You can take pictures with your kids and post them on social media using the hashtag #UniversalChildrensDay.

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