International Town Criers Day is observed on the second Monday of every July. This year the day falls on July 10. Town criers were court officers appointed to make official announcements to the public in the streets and were also popularly called a bellman. Town criers were traditionally dressed in red and gold coats, white breeches, black boots, and a tricorne hat. This day celebrates the town criers who were the only source for the latest news to the public during the 18th century. Due to the increase in literacy rate, town criers were replaced by newspapers, news channels, radio, the internet, etc. So on this day, make some effort to know about the town criers and their roles.

“I love hearing stories, telling stories, sharing stories. I’ve shared 37,000 on the Oprah show! Every day I was like the town crier.” – Oprah Winfrey.

History of International Town Criers Day

The origination and history of International Town Criers Day are not known. Every country around the world has its kind of town criers. The profession is ancient, and the significance of the job is underrated, so this day must have been created to mark the role played by town criers in history. This day must be celebrated as it will be a reason for people to be aware of such professions. On this day, show some respect for the work and listen to the stories about them.

International Town Criers Day

Other Celebrations on July 10

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How to celebrate the day

On the day, read and spread your knowledge on town criers. Go further to research town criers from various places and their variations from one another, etc. To celebrate the day in a fun way, make all your announcements in the form of town criers. Just say it loudly, firmly, and unequivocally. Post pictures and share your International Town Criers Day celebrations on social media using the hashtag #TownCriersDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy International Town Criers Day 2023.