National Tortellini Day is celebrated on February 13th of every year. Tortellini are ring-shaped pasta, which is typically stuffed with a mix of meat or cheese. These kinds of pasta originated from the Italian region of Emilia, and they are usually served in broth, either beef, chicken, or both. Tortellini can be served with several varieties of sauces, brown butter and sage sauce, a simple tomato sauce, or a pungent pesto sauce. Ravioli, tortelloni, and tortellini belong to the same family of stuffed pasta. It’s a day for all pasta lovers to celebrate their favorite food. Tortellini is now famous all around the world.

“Life is a combination of magic and pasta.”- Federico Fellinregion of Emiliai

History of National Tortellini Day

The creator of the National Tortellini Day is still unknown. Tortellini has a hideous history behind its creation. Many legends claim to be the inventor of this Italian dish. A strong tradition believes that this recipe was born in  Castelfranco Emilia where Lucrezia Borgia, a beauty stayed at an inn in the small town. The host was attracted to her beauty and couldn’t resist the urge to peek into her room through the keyhole, but he was barely able to see her navel. That inspired him to create the tortellini that night. The other story narrates that the dish originated in medieval Italy, where an innkeeper was captivated by Venus and Jupiter at a tavern on the outskirts of Bologna, who followed them and peeked through the keyhole. He was believed to have created this dish after seeing Venus’s navel. Finally, the tortellini was said to have been invented to reproduce the shape of a turtle to replicate the famous architectural features of Modena, where many 17th-century buildings refer to the turtle motif.

National Tortellini Day 2018 - February 13

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How to celebrate National Tortellini Day

The best way to celebrate tortellini day is to learn to make your tortellini and share it with your acquaintances. Tortellini Day is the right moment to try some of the many variations of tortellini, including in soup. And if you already have experience in making tortellini, then make use of the day to try out different stuffing and sauces for the dish. In the city of Bologna, there is an organization called the Learned Order of the Tortellini. The members dedicate the day to the preservation of traditional tortellini and celebrate the day by wearing red and gold hats shaped like tortellini and gold tortellini necklaces. Enjoy this day by having your stomach full of your favorite tortellini. Share your thoughts about National Tortellini Day by using the hashtag #TortelliniDay.

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