National Title Track Day is an annual celebration held on the Fourth Friday of every May. It falls on May 28th of this year. Haven’t you listened to the entire album just because of the title track song you loved? The title track is the song of an album that takes the same name as of the album itself. Those title tracks, of course, define the entire album itself. The title track is that one particular song that would have transformed the entire album to turn into a massive hit. It is indeed a must to celebrate the title tracks and appreciate all those artists who have given their best for the title tracks. Thus National Title Track Day celebrates that notable iconic song of the album called title tracks and thereby acknowledges and appreciates the work of its creator or artist of the album.

“I feel like soundtrack music is almost like seeing the movie again, but with my ears.” – Dave Attell

History of National Title Track Day

The National Title Track Day’s history and origin are unknown. The is no mention found in any record about the creator and the first observance of Title Track Day. The celebration Day is otherwise called as National Title Track Appreciation Day. However, the Day aims to celebrate all the title tracks that have melted the heart of people and those who composed it. So it is a special Day that appreciates the title tracks as the name of the celebration goes.

National Title Track Day

Title Track is that song that will set the theme for an entire album and occupies the big space on the label of the album. There have been many movies which were made more memorable by a song as powerful as the movie itself. The title track originally refers to the way of drug addiction and the person who gets addicted to the drugs. On the other side, a title track is a song that shares the same name as that of the album or film on which it appears. Thus, the title track songs originally play a huge role in the success of the entire album.

Other Celebrations on May 28

May 28is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate National Title Track Day

Listening to your favorite title track song is the best way to celebrate the National Title Track Day. Pick out your album, let it be new or old, tune yourself to enjoy listening to all your heart melt title tracks on this special day to enjoy the celebration. You can even watch the video of that title track to visually experience happiness. If you have good music skills, then go forward and sing out loud. Gather your family and friends with your favorite title track name themed party to let enjoy in groups. It is the best time to let enjoy as well as research about all the best and world-famous title tracks. You can share your favorite title track name on social media along with your celebration photos on social media using the hashtag #TitleTrackDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Title Track Day 2021.

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