National Take A Wild Guess Day is observed on April 15 of every year. Take A Wild Guess honors and celebrates all kinds of hunches, intuitions, divinations, predictions, and sixth senses. Take A Wild Guess Day is a day you may want to guess how many coins are in the tube and how many jellybeans are in the jar etc. It is a day full of guesses and hunches.

I like to keep people guessing.” – Amanda Seyfried

History of National Take A Wild Guess Day

National Take A Wild Guess Day was created by Jim Barber. The originator of this day, Jim Barber, made a successful guess that Takes A Wild Guess Day would be a hit, and he proved to be correct as Take A Wild Guess Day is observed every year successfully, and many people have joined in celebrating this day. Jim Barber decided that this day should coincide with Tax Day in the United States of America, when data filed needs to be exact. We all make a lot of guesses throughout our life. Sometimes, these assumptions and guesses can bring us great pleasure or motivate us to take chances. The main aim of this day is to turn the spotlight on intuitions, hunches, extraordinary leaps of assumption, and outright guessings.

National Take A Wild Guess Day

Other Celebrations on April 15

April 15 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate the Day

On the day, fill some glass jars with different colors and types of candies and ask your family members and friends to make a wild guess at the total number of candies in the jars. Present the jar of sweets to the person with the closest guess. Share your thoughts on social media about this day by using the hashtag #TakeAWildGuessDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Take A Wild Guess Day 2024.