National Sticker Day is an annual celebration commemorated on January 13th of every year. One could see the stickers glued on different things ranging from name tags to the ones which the children use to decorate. Of course, anyone’s childhood memories will surely have some sticker collections. Many of us would have loved collecting the decorating stickers out of habit, even after becoming adults. Stickers are usually printed label that varies in size, shape, color, and place of use. With so much popularity, all the different types of stickers are celebrated with a Day on the calendar. National Sticker Day has been celebrated in honor of R Stanton Avery.

“Everything will be okay. I have a sticker on my laptop that says that.” – Sharon Van Etten

History of National Sticker Day

National Sticker Day has been celebrated since the year 2016. StickerGiant, a promotional sticker and product label company in Longmont, Colorado, has come up with such a Day for the stickers. In association with the National Day Calendar, StickerGiant has established this celebration Day for the stickers or labels. The celebration Day honors Ray Stanton Avery, who was the original creator of the adhesive label with removable backing. The date is precisely chosen as it marks the birth anniversary of Avery. Stickers are a type of label made of a piece of printed paper or plastic. In 1935 Avery created the ‘Kum Kleen Pricer Stickers,’ and it was the first commercially available self-adhesive label.

National Sticker Day 2018 - January 13

The European merchants are credited by historians as they were the ones who, in the 1880s, made the first to stick labels to their products. They have done it in an attempt to promote their goods and wares to passersby. The pre-industrial entrepreneurs initially used a gum paste to get the labels to adhere and stick well. A sticker-specific paste had been developed by the 1900s. It was widely used on stamps, which dried and then can be applied again when moistened. StickerGiant has set a Guinness World Record for the Largest Sticker Ball in the first celebration of National Sticker Day held in 2016. The record set ended up being a sticker ball of 231.6 pounds and 8.8 feet around.

Other Celebrations on January 13

January 13 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate National Sticker Day

Celebrating National Sticker Day is quite simple. You can take a look at different kinds of stickers from around you. Anyone who loves to collect stickers can start right from this celebration Day. If possible, you could take a visit to the sticker manufacturing compies nearby to learn more about the stickers. You can even get to know about the decoration and functional type stickers and their usage. If you find any different unique stickers in the collection, then you can take a picture and share them on social media using the hashtag #StickerDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Sticker Day 2023.