National Peach Melba Day is an annual food feast celebrated on January 13th of every year. Those who are crazy about peaches will obviously love to taste the Peach Melba. It is an all-time favorite dessert, usually served with vanilla ice cream. Anyone will surely indulge entirely in the rich, delicious taste of this dessert. With so much popularity gained, this dessert is celebrated with a special day on the calendar. What is more needed than the Peach Melba to celebrate National Peach Melba Day?

“I have a sweet tooth. I love dessert, and if somebody makes me one, I’m going to have it.” – Sarah Rafferty

History of National Peach Melba Day

The history and origin of National Peach Melba Day are not known. There is no mention of who has come up with such a Day for the Peach Melba. However, this dessert has been in existence since the 1890s. Peach Melba is a dessert made with peaches and raspberry sauce with vanilla ice cream. The French chef Auguste Escoffier invented this dessert in 1892 at the Savoy Hotel London. The chef has created this dessert to honor Nellie Melba, the Australian soprano who was to perform Wagner’s Lohengrin opera at the Covent Garden in 1892. Hence, the dessert is named after her.

National Peach Melba Day 2018 - January 13

The chef presented the dessert with vanilla ice cream as a topping with slices of peach strains of raspberry purée over it. The dessert was formerly called ‘Peach Swan’ or ‘Pecheau Cygne’ as it was presented in a swan-shaped ice sculpture topped with spun sugar.

Other Celebrations on January 13

January 13 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate the Day

Have some peach melba once after your dinner. You can learn about peach melba and how to cook it. Prepare a homemade peach melba, serve your family members, and make the celebration Day more enjoyable. Organize a party, invite your family and friends to your home, and serve them Peach Melba. Share your celebration pictures on social media using the hashtag #PeachMelbaDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Peach Melba Day 2024.