National Siblings Day is celebrated on April 10 of every year. It is otherwise called Sibling’s Day or National Sibling Day which is observed in honor of the sibling’s relationships. National Sibling’s Day aims at celebrating the under-accepted special relationship, the bond of love, and the friendship between siblings.

Certainly, people can get along without siblings. Single children do, and there are people who have irreparably estranged relationships with their siblings who live full and satisfying lives, but to have siblings and not make the most of that resource is squandering one of the greatest interpersonal resources you will ever have.” – Jeffrey Kluger.

History of the day

In 1995, Claudia Evart founded the day in honor of her two siblings. She established that day after she lost her siblings in separate accidents at a very young age. Claudia Evart created SDF (Siblings Day Foundation), a tax-exempt organization, whose goals are designed to create National Siblings Day. She selected April 10, because April 10 was the birthday of her late sister Lisette. We are all very lucky to have siblings in our life. Sometimes they may be annoying and painful to be around, but that should not stop us from celebrating the relationship of siblings, which will be the longest relationship in our life. Hence celebrate National Siblings Day by spending some time with your siblings on that day.

National Siblings Day

Other Celebrations on April 10

April 10 is also celebrated as

How to celebrate the day

Celebrating the day is quite simple and easy to remember. Just spend some time and have some fun with your siblings on that day. Take some photos with your siblings and post them on social media’s using #SiblingsDay. If you live away from them, just call them and talk to them or pay them a surprise visit.

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