Play in the Sand Day comes on August 11 of every year. It does not matter where you play – whether on the sandpit, beach, or construction site. The important thing on Play in the Sand Day is to play in the sand. Whether you want to build a castle, bury a friend, write in it, or simply wiggle your toes in it, today is the perfect day for these activities.

One day during filming, George Clooney was wearing his surf shirt and board shorts, and my six-year-old daughter was in the background as an extra, playing in the sand – playing herself. She and Clooney suddenly looked equally Hawaiian, equally related to the place I call home.” – Kaui Hart Hemmings

History of Play in the Sand Day

The creator or founder of Play in the Sand Day is still unknown. Initially, it was making artistic sandcastles and soft sculptures out of sand and water, but now it embraces anything you can do in the sand. On Play in the Sand Day, various contests will be conducted on the many beaches around the world. Many beaches have easy access to food, water, and fun near them, but it is not a necessity. Bring some small trowel, a couple of Pails, and enjoy the creativity which generates from you. Build a trench around your stuff, and fill it with water. Make sand beds, so your comfort is perfected. Set up a small building with sand, but the smallest child in, and make them the king of the new sand kingdom.

Play in the Sand Day

Other Celebrations on August 11

August 11 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate the day

There are several ways to celebrate Play in the Sand Day.

  • Visit the nearby playground and beaches to observe children in sandboxes
  • You can also host a sand sculpture contest with your friends.
  • Bring in the children pool filled with sand. Then hide objects in the sand and conduct a treasure hunt event.
  • Visit nearby beaches and take a walk in the sand. You can also play volleyball with your friends on the sand.

You can use the hashtag #PlayintheSandDay to post on social media to express your ideas about playing on the sand.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy Play in the Sand Day 2023.