National Pickle Day is celebrated on November 14 of every year. National Pickle Day is created to pick your favorite pickle and enjoy it. Pickles are made by preserving the vegetables, fruits, and other food items in brine, salt, and oil, or vinegar. Hence, if you are a fan of pickles and want to honor the contributions they have made to the modern diet, then Pickle Day is a perfect day to admire it.

One of the smartest things you can do on ‘Chopped’ is to take one of those ingredients and make a pickle out of it, because almost every dish benefits from that. I’m feeling like those intuitions are becoming more natural.” – Ted Allen

History of National Pickle Day

The exact origin and the founder of National Pickle Day are still unknown. But it is celebrated for nearly 70 years with the support from Pickle Packers Association in 1949. From the Middle Ages, humans have been making pickles, and ancient Egyptians were the first ones to start the pickling process by storing cucumbers that are brought from India. The Romans also believed in the healing powers of pickles and some other sources suggest that Cleopatra (the last active leader of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt) attributed her good looks to the consumption of pickles. Nowadays, pickles are made all over the world and consumed as accompaniments to main meals. It is called achaar in India and South Asia, where the vegetables and fruits are preserved in oil, salt, and a variety of spices. Hence National Pickle Day is a perfect day for your favorite pickles and adds them to your meals.

National Pickle Day

Some Fun Facts about Pickles:

  • Dill pickles are the most popular Pickle around the world.
  • North Americans prefer pickles with warts and Europeans prefer wart-less pickles.
  • Nearly 20% of pickles are sold refrigerated.
  • A report states that every year, Americans eat nearly 20 billion pickles.
  • The noise that is made when a pickle is a bit into is called the “snap.”
  • Snap-less soft pickles are also known as denture dills.
  • Almost 70% of all households eat pickles.

Other Celebrations on November 14

November 14 is also celebrated as

How to celebrate National Pickle Day

There are several ways to celebrate the day, so decide how you want to honor the humble pickle and do it. The best way to celebrate National Pickle Day is by picking your favorite pickle and adding it to every meal throughout the day. Gather your family members and friends and spend the day pickling your favorite vegetables. You can also host a Pickle themed party. For more fun, you can eat them straight from the jar. Then Post the pictures of your favorite pickles on social media by using the hashtag #PickleDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Pickle Day 2023.