Paperback Book Day is celebrated on July 30th of every year. Paperback Book Day is the perfect day for people who still love and enjoys the smell and feel of a real new book. There is nothing that can match the feeling of turning the papers, holding them and reading from real papers. With an increase in technology, the reading habit of people changed to ebooks, which has its disadvantages. Paperback Book Day is celebrated on July 30th because it is when the company named penguin published its first paperback ever in the history of paperback books. During early times the books were sold in heavy wooden covers bound in leather and were attractive and durable, but they were too heavy to carry. Later in the 19th century, books were made lightweight by improving the printing and publishing technique. Hence celebrate the paperback book’s existence and advancement.

A bookshop is a peaceful sanctuary of silent voices waiting to heard.” – Mala Naidoo

History of Paperback Book Day

Paperback Book Day is observed as the anniversary of the first Penguin paperbacks which was published in the year 1935 in England. During olden days only the hardcover books were of good literature, and many people couldn’t afford to buy it and were also bulky, heavy to carry and desperate to read. The paperback books existed even before 1935, but the quality was poor, and they were sold for cheaper rates. It was Sir Allen Lane who started the paperback revolution under the name penguin. Penguin published books of Agatha Christie, Ernest Hemingway, and other great fiction authors. People well welcomed paperback books. Robert Fair de Graff introduced pocketbooks in May 1939, making it cheap and easy to carry. The penguin and pocketbooks both continue to publish even today, but the usage has gone down due to the introduction of ebooks. This new form of books and the people who carry them around are celebrated on this day.

Paperback Book Day

Other Celebrations on July 30

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How to Celebrate the Day

People celebrate this day with your favorite paperback book. People generally buy books on this day or pass their favorite book to their friends. Some of them spend some time on reading books to honor this day. You can encourage others to read paperback books on explaining the goodness of reading these books. Reading in paperback will cause less harm to the eyes, it will keep us excited on checking the pages to complete. Paperbacks have its value which has to be understood and spread. Post pictures and share your Paperback Book Day celebrations on social media by using the hashtag #PaperbackBookDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy Paperback Book Day 2023.