National Kazoo Day is an annual celebration observed on January 28th. Kazoos are musical instruments loved by many people, from young to old. Hum your tune using the Kazoo rather than blowing even if you know little of music. Never get worried about the musical notes of a song; you can just play your own without many complications. Although the kazoo is a child’s toy in the current era, it needs to be celebrated with its history. Play the Kazoo as it is National Kazoo Day.

“I think the kazoo and chocolate-chip cookies have a lot in common. All you need is a mouth to appreciate either one.” – Wally Amos

History of National Kazoo Day

The founder and year when National Kazoo Day was celebrated are unknown. However, Kazoo has a long history; Kazoo playing has existed for more than 165 years. The kazoo is a musical instrument invented in the 1840s and was first presented to the world at the Georgia State Fair held in 1852 as the ‘Down South Submarine.’ The recorded history states that Alabama Vest and Thaddeus Von Clegg collaboratively worked to make the Kazoo. As Kazoo is referred to as the most democratic instrument, anyone can play this musical instrument. However, the commercial production of this Kazoo instrument began only many years later, in 1912.

National Kazoo Day 2018 - January 28

The modern-day metal kazoo was patented on May 27, 1902, by George D. Smith of Buffalo, New York. Kazoo will add a ‘buzzing’ timbral quality to the player’s voice when he vocalizes into it. A kazoo player needs to hum rather than blow into this instrument. The kazoo’s membrane will vibrate with the oscillating air pressure of the humming made by the player. The resulting sound will vary in pitch and loudness concerning the player’s humming. Sing specific syllables to produce different sounds like doowhorrrrr, or brrrr into the kazoo. Kazoos are made out of different materials like plastic, metal, or wood, and they are part of the “mirliton or membranophone” family.

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How to Celebrate National Kazoo Day

Learn more about Kazoo and its usage guides. Get into the musical instrument shop and buy a Kazoo for yourself. Start humming your tune and celebrate the Day. Encourage others to play the Kazoo and make them enjoy it, too. Share your Kazoo Day celebrations on social media using the hashtag #KazooDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Kazoo Day 2024.