National Croissant Day is an annual feast celebrated on January 30th. Those who are crazy about French variants of food items will surely love eating the Croissants. It is a breakfast course and is known for its crescent shape. The successive rolls of the Croissant will have crispy layers on the outside and softer inside. Croissants served with a cup of coffee for breakfast make the best of their combinations. The croissant is also the continental breakfast food of France. If you haven’t yet tasted this crispy morning recipe, National Croissant Day is the best time to start eating it.

“I love having a croissant and a great cup of coffee. Just one cup.” – Marcus Samuelsson

History of National Croissant Day

The history and the origin of National Croissant Day are unknown. There isn’t any mention of the founder and the year since this Day has been celebrated. However, the history and origin of the Croissant date back to the 1680s and are full of adventures. The Turkish Empire laid siege to Vienna, Austria, in 1683. Trucks were unsuccessful even after making several attempts to enter the city by force. Therefore, they decided to dig an underground tunnel and attack. The bakers of Vienna, while working in the basement storerooms at that time, heard the digging sound and alerted their army.

National Croissant Day 2018 - January 30

As a result, the bakers of Vienna have received high honors and thanks for their brilliant assistance in outwitting the Turks. During the victory celebration, they baked their bread in the shape of a crescent moon, which is the symbol of the Ottoman Empire. Once the Turks were defeated, serving morning coffee with the crescent-shaped pastry became a custom. The croissant is a viennoiserie pastry with a buttery, flaky texture. There is a mention that it was Marie Antoinette, an Austrian Princess who married Louis XVI, who introduced the croissant to France. The breakfast recipe roll is well-known for its crescent shape, crispy outside and soft inside.

The Kipferl is marked to be the ancestor of the croissant and has been documented during the 13th century in Austria. The making of Croissants involves a total of five stages. The first stage is the pre-dough formation, in which the flour, water, in-dough fat, yeast, salt, and sugar are mixed. The dough is made into a multilayered dough by the lamination process in the second stage. Now, the dough is formed into its famous crescent shape. In the third stage, through the fermentation process, the crescent-shaped dough will expand to two-and-a-half times its original volume. It is then baked in the fourth step, pastry or dough lift. Finally, the backed dough is cooled and stored for later use.

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How to Celebrate National Croissant Day

Have your breakfast with coffee and croissants to perfectly enjoy the Day. You can buy it from the local pastry shop for your family. Those who can do it with patience can learn about croissants and their making to try at home and serve the homemade viennoiserie for your family and friends. Share your Croissant Day celebration moments on social media using the hashtag #CroissantDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Croissant Day 2024.