International Coffee Day is celebrated each year on the 1st of October. Coffee in the morning; coffee and catch up with old friends; going for coffee with your new hot date – we drink coffee morning, day and night with friends, business associates, and lovers. You have only to walk down the nearest high street and note the number of coffee chains to realize the extent of our love affair with our favorite caffeinated beverage.

Science may never come up with a better office communication system than the coffee break. – Earl Wilson

Whether you favor espresso, americanos, lattes, or cappuccinos; iced, decaf, instant, or filter – Coffee Day is the day to savor and appreciate your beverage, and maybe even pick one up for free at certain chains in the USA.

History of International Coffee Day

Coffee Day also marks the long tradition of the drink. The properties of coffee beans are thought to have first been discovered in Ethiopia. The beans are the pits seen in the coffee berry or cherry. The story goes that a 9th-century goat herder noticed their stimulating effects on his goats and began experimenting. Coffee drinking was originally popularized in the Arab world from around the 15th century. Then spreading across Asia then to Italy and across Europe and to the Americas – and finally to your coffee cup.

International Coffee Day

Other Celebrations on October 1

October 1 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate International Coffee Day

Today, the coffee plantation is one of the world’s largest crop plantations. Therefore, buying ethically grown coffee is all the more essential – be sure to be selective in getting your cup of coffee and supporting ethical trade. So when you drink your cup of coffee on this day, inhale its aroma, taste its dark and full-bodied flavor, think about its story – but most of all enjoy.

You can celebrate this day by preparing your own cup of Coffee and tasting it until the last sip. Share your happiness and create awareness about this day by using the hashtag #InternationalCoffeeDay.

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