National Weatherperson’s Day is an annual celebration observed on February 5th of every year. Imagine how you will find the weather conditions the next day without the weatherperson. Of course, it is quite an impossible task for those like me to forecast it. Most of their weather prediction is accurate, and you would have carried your raincoat and umbrella to protect yourself from rain and heat. It is these people who help us travel and make our trips enjoyable. So why not make it a special day for these meteorological professionals and their team of members? National Weatherperson’s Day is created for them, and people are encouraged to appreciate and honor the weatherperson and make them proud of their incredible work.

“The weatherman is not only blamed for his failure to foretell, he is blamed for the weather itself.” – Chuck Jones

History of National Weatherperson’s Day

The creator and the year from when National Weatherperson’s Day was in the celebration are anonymous. However, the date is precisely chosen to reminisce about the birth anniversary of John Jeffries, born on February 5th, 1744. This Day is also known as National Weatherman’s Day. Jeffries was one of the first weather observers of the United States, and he had taken his daily measurements from 1774. As a physician by profession, he was the first to make his first balloon flight in 1784 in London. He made this flight to gather data for a scientific study of the air at high altitudes.

National Weatherperson's Day 2018 - February 5

Like Jeffries, many more people have made a mark on the field. The Weatherperson’s Day celebrates the science of meteorology and those professionals working in this field. The weathermen work hard to accurately forecast and report the often unpredictable and always changing weather. Even with so many new technological advances in this field, weather forecasting is still a challenging business. It is the perfect day to pay tribute to those men and women who forecast and broadcast all the weather-related information and warnings every day of the year.

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How to Celebrate National Weatherperson’s Day

Firstly, you can turn on your television or radio and listen to the weather news. Get to learn more about meteorological events and weather patterns. Never take the weather condition for granted. Know in detail how to plan your day or the year accordingly, and be prepared to save your lives from upcoming hurricanes, storms, or tornadoes. Download any weather app to stay updated. Appreciate any weatherman you know on this Day and make him/her feel proud. You can share your wishes and appreciation for the weatherperson on social media using the hashtag #WeatherpersonsDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate daily with and Happy National Weatherperson’s Day 2024.