National Toothache Day is observed annually on February 9. National Toothache Day day is also known as odontalgia. Toothaches are not something that is pleasant to celebrate. Oral well-being is vital for a happy, healthy, and long life. A toothache can make one’s life miserable, and this day is a reminder to establish the importance of maintaining oral health. Toothache Day is to create awareness and educate people to maintain their oral hygiene. This day is a gentle alarm for everybody that prevention is better than cure.

Some tortures are physical and some are mental, but the one that is both is dental.” – Ogden Nash

History of National Toothache Day

The founder and origin of National Toothache Day remain a mystery. However, there are different theories on the history of Toothache Day. It is speculated that this day was selected because this date was when Hershey’s candy corporation was founded and who is believed to be the creator of the holiday that battles cavities from chocolate candies. The other theory states that it is celebrated as the feast day of St. Apollonia, the patroness of dentists.  She was seized during a local uprising against Christians in Alexandria and was severely beaten, losing all of her teeth. The Roman Church remembers her on February 9. Some toothache sufferers commonly invoke her because of the pain she endured.

National Toothache Day 2018 - February 9

Other Celebrations on February 9

February 9 is also celebrated as

How to celebrate the day

Toothache day can be observed by creating awareness about maintaining the health of teeth and gums. Celebrating National Toothache Day is an oxymoron, but there are several ways to celebrate the day by giving your teeth and oral health attention on this day. You can also fix an appointment with the dentist. One can resolve to avoid food that is bad for teeth and also follow regular dental care. Share your thoughts and opinions on social media about National Toothache Day by using the hashtag #ToothacheDay.

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