Shaheed Udham Singh’s Birthday

Shaheed Udham Singh’s Birthday falls on December 26 of every year. Shaheed Udham Singh or Ram Mohammed Singh Azad is an Indian revolutionary known for assassinating the former Lieutenant Governor of the Punjab, Sir Michael O’Dwyer on March 13, 1940, in Brtish India. He is an important person in the Indian Independence Movement. He was born to a Kamboj family on December 26 of 1899 at Sunam, Punjab. His father, Sardar Tehal Singh was a railroad crossing watchman in the Upali Village. After the death of his father, he and his elder brother were taken by the Central Khalsa Orphanage Putlighar in Amritsar. At the orphanage, he was administered with the Sikh initiatory rites, and he received the name of Udham Singh. Shaheed Udham Singh was punished for the assassination of Michael O’Dwyer he was hanged to death on 31st July 1940.  The district Udham Singh Nagar of Uttarakhand was named after him in October 1995 by the Mayawati government.

Shaheed Udham Singh's Birthday
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Shaheed Udham Singh’s Birthday

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