World Hypnotism Day is an annual observance celebrated on January 4th of every year. Getting connected to the subconscious mind is often referred to as hypnotism. It is a term for both stage magicians and psychologists. There are lots of misconceptions and fearful perceptions found about hypnotism. But this is unlike false fact, and hypnotism is likely dealing with solving the problems in the lives of people, thereby achieving goals and overcoming fears. World Hypnotism Day is a perfect time to learn more about hypnotism and all of the positive things that it can do.

“When we fall asleep, we withdraw our awareness from its hypnotic fascination with physical sensation, thereby enabling us to listen with our now awakening sixth sense.” – Henry Reed

History of World Hypnotism Day

World Hypnotism Day has been celebrated since the year 2006. The Day is commemorated in honor of Dr. Jack Gibson, an Irish hypnotherapist who used hypnotherapy and spent much of his career treating psychosomatic disorders. He died in the year 2005, and the following year, this celebration Day has been dedicated in his honor. The Day has been founded with the purpose of dispelling the infinite pernicious myths that have come into existence surrounding hypnotism. It is necessary for anyone to understand that hypnotism is not about mind control. Most people misunderstand that through hypnotism, it is possible to make a person do anything by controlling his mind. It is not a fact and is the most known misconception surrounding hypnotism. Rather hypnotism is something through which a person gets the chance to undergo an efficient process for personal change.

World Hypnotism Day 2018 - January 4

Other Celebrations on January 4

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How to Celebrate World Hypnotism Day

Celebrating World Hypnotism Day is quite simple. The first thing one needs to do is to know more in detail about hypnotism, its effects, its advantages, and how to implement it. Now you can learn hypnotism and try it for your family and friends. Make this Day as the best opportunity to make yourself and others’ minds and hearts a little better. Share your hypnotism thoughts and views on social media using the hashtag #HypnotismDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy World Hypnotism Day 2024.