Count Your Buttons Day is an annual fun feast celebrated on October 21 of every year. Buttons have been a part of everyday garments. They exist since antiquity. They are found on shirts, jeans, jackets, pants, pockets, and every other wardrobe. Buttons are available in different shapes, sizes, designs, and colors. They add look and finish to any costumes. Count your buttons every time when you wear a dress. Count Your Buttons Day celebrates every button and its history.

“I have a weakness for buttons. I’m always collecting ornate and nicely decorated ones.” – Rila Fukushima

History of Count Your Buttons Day

The origin and history of Count Your Buttons Day are anonymous. The exact reason for this celebration day is unknown. A button is a small fastener in modern-day clothing and fashion design. Buttons have been existing nearly as long as clothing existed. They are being used for decoration and securing different pieces of clothing. The history of buttons varies from each place throughout the world. The buttonholes made their debut in Germany. It wasn’t until sometime in the 13th Century, buttons were introduced.  The earliest known buttons are made of seashells known as Czech glass buttons with their ornate designs.

Count Your Buttons Day

They are also made of metal, wood, seashell, bones, and ivory. Buttons secure two pieces of fabric together. From the 14th century, buttons have gained popularity and have been involved in every new clothing design. Almost all the era has witnessed the different types of buttons. The first button maker’s guild was formed in 1250 in France, Europe. From the late 1800s, buttons have become a way to proclaim one’s political loyalty. It is a trend that is still existing in the United States. President George Washington 1789 issued the first political button. Today, during elections buttons with candidates’ faces and logos are worn by supporters.

Other Celebrations on October 21

October 21 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate Count Your Buttons Day

The first thing you can do is to count your buttons. Have a hobby of collecting buttons and looking at their changes over the year. Get to know more about buttons and their beautiful history. Organize a button-themed party for your friends and let them bring their button collection. To be more creative, you can outline pictures and fill them with buttons. Share your button collection and celebration pictures on social media using the hashtag #CountYourButtonsDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with, and Happy Count Your Buttons Day 2022.