National Chocolate Ice Cream Day is celebrated on June 7 of every year. This is a day to celebrate Chocolate Ice Cream, which is the second most common flavor, surpassed only by Vanilla flavor. Chocolate Ice Cream has been in existence for over a hundred years, and since the 19th century, it has been popular in the United States of America. The Chocolate Ice Cream is made by blending the cocoa powder with eggs, cream, vanilla, and sugar. The cocoa powder will give a brown color to the ice cream.

History of National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

The exact origin and the founder of the day are still unknown. Before 1692, Vanilla is considered to be the most popular ice cream flavor, but ever since the Italians froze hot chocolate in 1692, Chocolate Ice Cream has been a close contender. The day was reported to be found by the ice cream manufacturer to inspire greater sales of this delightful dessert, but the question remains whether there is any need to encourage people to eat more chocolate ice cream.

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

Other Celebrations on June 7

June 7 is also celebrated as

How to celebrate the day

The best way to celebrate the day is by visiting your nearby Ice Cream Parlour and enjoying the taste of Chocolate Ice Cream with your friends, family members, and co-workers. You can try to make new Chocolate Ice Cream on your own and share them with your family members. Gather your family members and arrange a chocolate ice cream-themed party. Post pictures and share your celebrations on social media by using the hashtag #ChocolateIceCreamDay.

Thank you for reading. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Chocolate Ice Cream Day 2023.