National Chicken Dance Day is celebrated on May 14 of every year. The “Chicken Dance,” is also known as the Birdie Song. It is an oom-pah song associated with fan dance and is a contemporary dance throughout the Western world. Chicken dance day! At once we may not like to admit it, and all have rocked the Chicken Dance at least once in our lives. Goofy dance is a traditional favorite at kids’ birthday parties, bat mitzvahs, and beyond.  Werner Thomas, a Swiss accordion player, wrote the melody for the Chicken Dance song in late 1950. In 1963, he began performing it at the restaurant. People who bravely stood up and danced along often used sporadic movements that reminded the thoughts of ducks and chickens. Also, this Chicken Dance arrived in America in the 1970s, and it had transformed into a set of changes with repeated sounds of “beak,” “wing,” and “tail” movements.

History of Dance Like a Chicken Day

History of Chicken Dance Day was found in the song “Der Ententanz” which inspired all of this song, and while the dance has come to be known as “The Chicken Dance,” the song is also called The Duck Dance. It has spread all over the world by undergoing multiple name changes in the process. The rendition of the song was on the B-Side of a single released by a band called “De Electronica’s.” The A-Side simply wasn’t well-received by the radio station’s audiences, so they flipped over. At that moment, history made to the Dutch charts by staying there for nearly a year. Its popularity exploded and is recorded in no less than 140 versions with over 40,000,000 records published. In 1981 the dance was brought to Oktoberfest in the United States, and due to a complete lack of duck costumes anywhere near the event, they had to settle for chicken costumes. The song responsible gets covers as new which is done almost every year, with new lyrics added all the time.

Chicken Dance Day

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How to Celebrate the Chicken Dance Day

Celebrating the Chicken Dance Day is by getting out there and dancing like a chicken. It’s quite easy, and it all starts with making a beak with your hands and music as ‘squawk’ them three times in beat, then make wings as described and flap them four times in time with the music. People can use #ChickenDanceDay to share their thoughts on social media.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy Chicken Dance Day 2024.