National Cherry Tart Day is celebrated on June 18th on every year. Cherries grow on almost all the continents, but they have a short season. That is why bake cherry tart with the fresh cherries when they are available. You can use the frozen and preserved cherries for your tart, but they won’t taste good like the fresh cherries. So start plucking cherries for making the best cherry tart! National Cherry Festival held in Michigan was the predecessor of the National Cherry Tart Day. The usage of cherries is utterly limited, the typical dish was the cherry tart with the crust bottom and the sweet filling.

“One must ask children and birds how cherries and strawberries taste”. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

National Cherry Tart Day
Cherry Tart Day

History Of National Cherry Tart Day

It is very tough to say the History of National Cherry Tart Day as no one knows when the day was first celebrated! It is believed that the annual National Cherry Festival held in Michigan is the predecessor of the National Cherry Tart Day. It was observed when the cherries were available but had limited uses. It was then the confectioners decided to dedicate the day, especially to the fruit and what better way than to prepare the tart.

National Cherry Tart Day
National Cherry Tart Day

Other Celebrations on June 18

June 18 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate National Cherry Tart Day

Celebrating the National Cherry Tart Day has many options to choose as per the time you have. You can observe your day at home or your favorite restaurant. Invite your friends to your home and prepare the delicious tarts. It is much simpler, you just need to purchase some pre-made tart shells and spoon in some filling. You can even top it with the whipped cream that’s it your tart is ready! You can enjoy eating with your friends or even while watching a movie. You can also choose some best place where the cherry tarts will be served on the day. You can share your views and thoughts on the social media using the hashtags #NationalCherryTartDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Cherry Tart Day 2020.

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