Beer Can Appreciation Day is an annual feast celebrated on January 24 of every year. Why not a celebration Day for those lovely colorful metallic canes that hold your favorite beer in them? Although the beer was stored in different methods of bottling, tin-plated steel cans made it more convenient. Beer Can Appreciation Day celebrates the beer can, which holds the most widely consumed alcoholic drink in a better way without causing any change in its taste.

“I’ve only been in love with a beer bottle and a mirror.” – Sid Vicious

History of Beer Can Appreciation Day

The origin and the founder of Beer Can Appreciation Day have not been known. There is no mention of the year since this Day has been celebrated. The date has been precisely chosen as it was on the same date in 1935 when the beer was first sold in cans. The first commercial beer cans were made in Richmond, Virginia, by Krueger Brewing Company. However, it was the American company that made the tin cans possible. The initial version of beer cans was made of steel that weighed in at almost 4 ounces. A church key is made to open up these hefty canisters. Only after 1963 were the pop-tops fixed on the top of the beer cans to open them.

Beer Can Appreciation Day 2018 - January 24

There are numerous advantages associated with beer cans, as they are easier to pack in a box or cooler with their flat top and bottom. It also weighs less than glass bottles, and thus it can be carried easily. Over the years, with lots of developments, aluminum has been in existence. The cans have made beer retain its taste as such even after several months. Beer lovers all over the world have consumed it in beer cans as it has been considered to be the staple of health and diet for several years. The collectors of beer cans from around the globe would explore unique, novel, and rare varieties of beer cans. They also will conduct demonstrations about the beer cans and appreciate the artistic nature of the beer can designers.

Other Celebrations on January 24

January 24 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate Beer Can Appreciation Day

There are so many different ways in which Beer Can Appreciation Day be celebrated. It is the perfect time to appreciate and honor the beer can designers and artists from all over the world. Excuse yourself, visit your nearest brewery store and sip your favorite variety of beer can to sip it slowly. Try tasting brands that you haven’t tried so far. Let out your creativity and make your beer can design. Make sure you recycle the cans once after being used. Share your appreciation for the beer cans or the beer can collections pictures on social media using the hashtag #BeerCanAppreciationDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy Beer Can Appreciation Day 2024.