Baby Day is an annual celebration observed on May 2nd. Who doesn’t love babies? There would be none for sure as all of us have crossed the stage of being a baby. So irrespective of being a kid or adult or old, the life of a human starts from being a baby. The tiny little fingers, cute sleepy bigger eyes, dancing heads, soft chubby cheeks, pinkish lips, and the whole baby deserves to be adored. Babies bring joy to one’s life, and that happiness is an inexpressible feeling. The statement will be ultimately true for those parents when they are blessed with a first child. Let the problem be small or big, just looking a the face of a baby will hide all those stressful thoughts and hectic situations in a second. Babies are a gift for anyone who changes the life of a person every day. In a way to celebrate these cute little charms and the joy they bring in, Baby Day has been created and celebrated.

“Having a baby is a life-changer. It gives you a whole other perspective on why you wake up every day.” – Taylor Hanson

History of Baby Day

There isn’t any mention of Baby Day’s history and origin. However, it might be someone who has abundant love for the babies who would have come up with this idea and thus has created such a celebration Day specially meant for the babies. Although, there isn’t mention of what this special day is truly about when seen logically it is for the babies. Being a parent, anyone would have felt the most invaluable pleasure of happiness when the first baby is born. Of course, babies bring happiness irrespective of the count but experiencing something for the first time gives something unique. Baby Day, on the whole, celebrates all the babies who are the smallest in the count. A baby is all the way special irrespective of gender, color, size, shape, nationality, religion, and more.

Baby Day

The babies are not only cute but are also innocent and will melt even the stone-hearted people. A baby is a very young offspring of a human who will be born after ten months from the mother’s womb. The term infant is formed from the Latin word infans, which gives the meaning unable to speak or speechless. Thus, they cry as a form of basic instinctive communication whereas the baby crying expresses different feelings including hunger, discomfort, boredom, overstimulation, loneliness, and more. A baby needs to be carried close to the mother’s body primarily as they need constant physical contact for the first few weeks or months of life. Once after the birth, the shoulders and hips of the baby will be wide with a larger head. The eyes are usually larger when compared to the face.

The babies will usually have a drop in their heart rate and eyes blinking. Breastfeeding is the most recommended method of feeding a baby as it is the best and most healthy food source. Babies tend to respond to the sounds like the angry voices of adults, the crackling sound of a fire, thunder, the sound of a snake hissing, and even the cries of other infants. They even pay more attention when they were found to be increasingly turning toward the parent or speakers. As per the studies, it is found that the babies who have been the recipients of the positive touch experiences like stroking or cuddling have shown more benefits as they develop emotionally and socially. Those have even been found to be cried less often, smiled more, and are also vocalized.

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How to Celebrate the Day

Celebrating the day can be done in many ways. Firstly, you have to spend more time with your baby to make them feel in their comfort zone. Sing a rhyme, dance for your little doll, and do some mimicking as babies love all of this. Get the details of good parenting from your mother or grandmother as no other source can give your the exact emotional feeling. Cuddle your baby to let him/her feel your warmth and get away from the discomfort feeling. Make sure you take care of them in the very best way including feeding them at the right time. Make beautiful memories as you will not get back these lovable days of spending time with your baby doll for a longer time. Those who have no babies at home can visit their family or friend who has babies to spend little time with time. Parenting isn’t just simple so you can be proud of yourself. Don’t forget to share the photos of yours along with your cute baby on social media using the hashtag #BabyDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy Baby Day 2024.