Urdu is one of the languages spoken mostly in South Asia. It is the official language of Pakistan and the lingua franca of Pakistan, which means it is used as a bridge language, common language, trade language, auxiliary language, vehicular language, or link language. It has over 69 million native speakers worldwide. Hindustani is the early form of Urdu. In India, Urdu has official status in several states and is recognized as the Eighth Schedule language by India’s Constitution because of its status, function, and cultural heritage. It comes under the language family of Indo-European. Both Urdu and Hindi share a common vocabulary with the Indo-Aryan base. Both languages have very similar phonology and syntax, which makes them mutually intelligible in colloquial speech. In this article, let’s see how to say Months of the year in Urdu.

In Urdu, the Word months is said as مہینہ and the plural form of the month is written as مہینے (months). So let’s see how to say months of the year in Urdu.

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How to Say English Months in Urdu

Month Name in EnglishMonth Name in UrduTransliteration

How to Say Islamic Months in Urdu

The lunar calendar used by Islamic/Muslims dates from 622 AD, which is said to be the year of the Hegira (Muhammad’s departure from Mecca to Medina). The beginning of the Islamic year retrogresses through the solar year, completing the cycle every 32 years.

Islamic MonthsUrdu TranslatedTransliteration
Muharramمحرّم یا محرم الحرامmuharram
Safarصفر یا صفر المظفرsafar
Rabi’ al-awwalربیع الاولrabi-ul-awwal
Rabi’ al-thaniربیع الثانیrabi-ath-thaani
Jumada al-awwalجمادی الاولjumaada-ul-awwal
Jumada al-Thaniجمادی الثانیjumaada-uth-thaani
Rajabرجب یا رجب المرجبrajab
Sha’abanشعبان یا شعبان المعظم sha’baan
Ramadanرمضان یا رمضان المبارکramadhaan / ramzan
Shawwalشوال یا شوال المکرمshawwaal
Dhu al-Qi’dahذوالقعدۃzul-qa’dah
Dhu al-Hijjahذوالحجۃzul-hijjah

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