International Wig Day is an annual celebration observed on March 10th. Many of you do still remember the fancy dress competition of yours with that particular wig that you had wore made you look exactly like that person. Dressing up in such a way is such a bit of fun for kids, and they do enjoy it. Why not have the same enjoyment and fun even after you have grown up? Sounds good right? But some people love to try out different hairstyles, but not all of them can be done due to various reasons including hair loss as a result of medical treatment. But there is an alternative solution to those who wish to look for a change in their appearance, and it is nothing but the wig. International Wig Day is created in a way to bring out a little fun to life and at the same time aims to create awareness about hair loss caused due to diseases and chemotherapy.

“I can’t tell you what a pleasure it is to just put my hair under a wig cap and slap on a wig that’s already done. It’s dress up for your hair!” – Felicity Huffman

History of International Wig Day

The International Wig Day has been in celebration since the year 2016., a costume store in Denmark has created this awareness holiday. The celebration Day aims to support the fight against cancer, create awareness of the hair loss problems caused by diseases, and as the result of chemotherapy by making as many people involved as possible globally. The Wig Day also brings a little fun to the life of people from all over the world by the way they can play along and wear a wig to change their appearance. There are lots of stigmas present related to hair loss, and most often people think that wigs are just for those people who have lost their hair due to medical treatment or natural hair loss.

International Wig Day

However, it isn’t just the case as wigs are serving throughout history as part of costumes and are an accessory of fashion choices by celebrities and actors. Thus, the organization responsible for this celebration Day encourages people to wear a wig to change their look and appearance. So you can just slow down and enjoy your life and thereby creating awareness of the stigmas related to hair loss caused by diseases and chemotherapy. They also encourage men and women, girls and boys to join along with their co-workers and friends involved to make the event something special. So you can choose to be silly or serious, but you have to wear a wig that will let you try out that long wishing haircut or hairstyle you have been thinking about so long and now with a perfect reason.

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How to Celebrate International Wig Day

The best way to celebrate International Wig Day is to wear your favorite kind of wig. So pick a wig and dress on up to and go out with your friends. Make the whole of this fun stay with you wherever you go on this Day. Create awareness to people all around you that this fun dress-up has a reason and is all about the stigmas caused by hair loss. Join hands with organizations to raise funds for those who are suffering from cancer. You can even join with the to support children and families suffering from cancer and stigmas. Share your awareness about cancer and hair loss stigmas along with your Wig Day selfies on social media using the hashtag #WigDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy International Wig Day 2022.