World Sports Journalists Day is a global observance held on July 2 of every year. Sports journalist help millions of people in the world to receive information on various sports. This professional has helped in the development of many kinds of games all over the world. These journalists have their associations to maintain their standards in their profession. It was found all over the world and united by the International Sports Press Association. This day marks the establishment of the International Sports Press Association in the 1924 Paris Olympics. World Sports Journalists Day was declared in 1994, and it is celebrated since then. World Sports Journalists Day recognises the services and efforts of the sports journalists for taking sports to a new level in media. This day encourages them to do better at their work.

My real heroes have always been sportswriters.”-  Dan Jenkins

History of World Sports Journalists Day

World Sports Journalists Day was established by the International Sports Press Association (AIPS) in 1994 to mark the anniversary of the foundation of the organisation. AIPS was formed on July 2 of 1924, during the Summer Olympics in Paris. AIPS consist of continental sub-associations and national associations. Few of its partners include International Olympic Committee, FIFA, IAAF and lot more. The association highlights on strengthening the companionship, bonding, disliking, liking, between journalists around the world. So this makes the day important to be celebrated.

World Sports Journalists Day
World Sports Journalists Day

Other celebrations on July 2

July 2 is also celebrated as

How to celebrate World Sports Journalists Day

World Sports Journalist Day is mainly celebrated to acknowledge the work of journalists. The association usually organise for various programs around the world to observe this day. This day also marks various achievements of members of sports media, thereby encouraging the journalists to work harder and to invite more people to the profession. Post pictures and share your World Sports Journalists Day on social media by using the hashtag #SportsJournalistsDay.

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