Shark Awareness Day is observed on July 14 of every year. Sharks are at more risk from humans than vice versa. The survival of many shark species is at high risk due to hunting, pollution, and climatic changes. Shark Awareness Day was created to spread awareness about the danger of sharks. Shark kills lesser humans than humans to sharks. There are around 400 species of sharks around the world, ranging from 8 inches to 50 feet in size. Sharks can detect even tiny drops of blood in the ocean from a long distance, and they are the significant predator in the food chain, which makes them fascinating creatures. Most sharks are carnivorous, feeding on fish, crustaceans, and even seals and dolphins. Sharks are cunning hunters but are not picky in their eating habits. However, their strength and aggressive shark population are continually declining due to various threats, mainly by humans. Sharks play a critical role in maintaining the food chain by removing all weak animals from the ocean and keeping the sea population healthy and fit.

Without sharks, you take away the apex predator of the ocean, and you destroy the entire food chain.” – Peter Benchley.

History of Shark Awareness Day

The origin and history behind Shark Awareness Day are unknown. Shark Awareness Day must have been created to educate and warn people about the threats and importance of saving sharks in the oceans. Almost 74 species of sharks are marked as threatened and 11 as endangered. Sharks are majorly killed for their fins as the demand for shark fin soups is increasing in China and the Far East. These soups are priced high, which motivates fishers to shoot more. In addition, sharks’ fins are considered medicinal properties, increasing their demand. By-catch is another significant threat to sharks, accidentally catching sharks and other fishes. With the rise in coastal development, pollution, reef tourism, climate changes, etc., the life of sea animals worldwide is under threat. As sharks reproduce in small numbers, the breakdown of sharks is in the constant decline phase. On this day, spread the knowledge and make a change to save them.

Shark Awareness Day

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How to celebrate the day

On Shark Awareness Day, create awareness and spread the knowledge on the importance of protecting monster sharks. You can learn about the role of sharks in the environment and the necessity to save them. On this day, you can take a few steps to recycle plastics, raise your voice against poaching, and can stop people from consuming sharks. Many museums worldwide celebrate the day by conducting awareness programs and teaching people about maintaining a healthy balance in the food chain. Ocean would die without them as they are the essential predators of the marine ecosystem. Often these animals are wrongly portrayed as evil killers of the ocean. So on Shark Awareness Day, you can take the initiative to save the future of sharks. Post pictures and share your Shark Awareness Day celebrations on social media using the hashtag #SharkAwarenessDay.

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