School Bus Drivers Day

School Bus Drivers Day is an annual observance held on Fourth Tuesday of Every April. This year it falls on April 24. School for anyone means so many beautiful memories. It is the place where we have learned what maths and science are with the guidance of the teachers. Thus without the efforts of the teachers, we would have understood any of the subjects correctly. There are so many off scene people who are working on the school campus for the betterment of the students besides the teachers. Among them, school bus drivers are one notable person without whom you would have gone to the school safely and learned the subjects. So they deserve a Day in the calendar meant for them. School Bus Drivers Day celebrates all of the school bus drivers and their safe driving.

“I wanted to be a bus driver when I was a kid. I look at bus driving through the eyes of a little boy. I see it as glamorous.” – Jim Lehrer

History of School Bus Drivers Day

There isn’t any mention of the School Bus Drivers Day‘s history, origin, and the person who can up with this celebration. The Day aims to draw special public attention to the school bus drivers and their continued and excellent services in case of driving. The safety of the school children rests in the hands of the trained school bus drivers. School bus drivers are those who regularly transport the students to and from school. It is they who drives for thousands and thousands of accident-free miles each day all throughout the school working days. The earliest school buses date back to the start of the 20th century. Before the invention of school buses, the horse-drawn carriages were famous and were used to pick up children, especially from rural areas. Even the present-day school buses still resemble the bus body produced by the A.L. Luce, a Ford dealership owner in the year 1927.

School Bus Drivers Day

School Bus Drivers Day

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How to Celebrate School Bus Drivers Day

Celebrating the School Bus Drivers Day is very simple. Thank your school bus driver for the excellent drive he has done and continuing. Most often they were left unrecognized and take this Day as the best chance to celebrate all the school bus drivers. Even the parents can involve in this celebration by showing your gratitude. It is because of these beautiful souls your children are reaching school and home safely. You can organize a dinner for those school bus drivers and ask them to come with their family to enjoy their Day of celebration. Finally, you can show your sign of appreciation by handing some useful presents. DO share your celebration pictures along with the best school bus drivers on the social media using the hashtag #SchoolBusDriversDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy School Bus Drivers Day 2018.

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