The National Rotisserie Chicken Day is observed annually on June 2nd. The Rotisserie Chicken has its own golden color skin which makes our mouths water! isn’t it?  The Rotisserie Chicken is made to continuously roast over the heat. The spin makes the chicken cook evenly all the way through and led to the Rotisserie style chicken. People consume fried chicken and baked chicken every day but this Rotisserie Chicken is a differently delicious treat. The Rotisserie Chicken is often stuffed with a blend of seasonings to enhance its flavor. Also, the leftovers are used in many ways, pairing them with salads, sandwiches, and casseroles. The National Rotisserie Chicken Day is celebrated all over the world and its popularity is increasing constantly as its health benefits are now more widely known.

I find myself eating different kinds of chicken each and every day, even if it’s by surprise.” – Ludacris

History of National Rotisserie Chicken Day

The history of the National Rotisserie Chicken Day dates back to the 1930s as they have been available in the supermarkets and stores since then. Even though there is a huge drop in grocery shopping by the people after World War II, due to the increase in restaurants, the Rotisserie chicken has not waned out from the people. To point out the popularity of Rotisserie Chicken, 600 million Rotisserie Chicken were sold in the US alone, with 76 million of them sold in Costco outlets alone!

National Rotisserie Chicken Day

The Rotisserie cooking practices go back hundreds of years with paintings explaining its recipes being cooked in large batches. No doubt they had to manually turn the Rotisserie by hand. What makes Rotisserie Chicken so special? The steady turning makes the chicken cook evenly with the moisture remaining in the chicken, which makes it more delicious as the baste continuously settles in it. Thanks to the invention of motor-driven rotisseries led to the bulk production of Rotisserie Chicken to be readily served whenever we enter a restaurant.

Other Celebrations on June 2

June 2 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate the day

Go out and get yourself a Rotisserie Chicken to smack and this is how you celebrate National Rotisserie Chicken Day. The Rotisserie Chicken comes in a row of flavors like roasted butter garlic, Italian herb, and even some spicier varieties that include crushed red pepper if you wish to have something really hot. You can try the Rotisserie Chicken with your favorite side that goes well with it. Tried all varieties of Rotisserie Chicken? Now create your own variety of Rotisserie Chicken with some new flavors and share them with your friends and family. Click and share photos of your friends and family on social media enjoying the delicious National Rotisserie Chicken Day with the inclusion #RotisserieChickenDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Rotisserie Chicken Day 2024.