National Quilting Day is celebrated on the third Saturday of every March, and this year it is observed on 16th March. Quilting is the process of sewing two or more layers of fabric together to make a thicker padded material, usually to create a quilt or quilted garment. Typically, quilting is done with three layers: the top fabric, insulating material, and backing material, but many different styles can be adopted. All three layers are sewed together using rocking, straight or running stitches that are purely functional or decorative. Quilting can be done by hand, via a sewing machine, or by a specific longarm quilting system. Celebrate this day by buying or making one of these.

“Fabric is everything. Often I tell my pattern makers, “Just listen to the material. What is it going to say? Just wait. Probably the material will tell you something”. – Yohji Yamamoto designer

History of National Quilting Day

By mid 18th century, Americans were making detailed quilts designed specially to be handed down from mother to daughter; these quilts are often pieced together from recovered pieces of clothing and other bedding. At the 22nd annual show of the National Quilting Association in Lincoln, Nebraska in June of 1991, a resolution was passed and National Quilting Day was started to be celebrated.

National Quilting Day

Other Celebrations on March 16

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How to Celebrate National Quilting Day

The day is celebrated around the country with special quilting shows, classes, open museums, and much more. It is a day to appreciate and recognize quilt makers, along with all of their extended labor, love, and skill that goes into the making of each quilt. On this day try making a small handmade quilt for yourself or your friends and family. You can also encourage the industry and the employees by buying a quilt from a local store. Post pictures and share your thoughts on social media about National Quilting Day by using the hashtag #QuiltingDay.

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