Pepero Day is celebrated on November 11 of every year. Pepero Day is a holiday similar to Valentine‚Äôs Day, where couples and friends exchange Pepero snacks with each other for showing their love and appreciation for one another. Pepero is a famous cookie stick in south Korea which is dipped in compound chocolate, and it is manufactured by Lotte Confectionery in South Korea since 1983. On Pepero Day, you will see shops in Seoul will be stocked with hundreds of boxes of Pepero. Hence Pepero Day is an opportunity to express your feelings for one another by exchanging Pepero.

History of Pepero Day

The exact founder and the origin of Pepero Day are still unknown. But there is a myth behind the creation of Pepero Day. In 1983, two female middle students in the Yeongnam region exchanged the Pepero to become tall and thin. There is another debate about the origin of Pepero Day is that it was created due to the shape of 1’s in the date, which resembles the Pepero Sticks. From 1997, Lotte Co., Ltd started to use the aforementioned school story for promoting Pepero Day. Up to 2012, Lotte was making 50% of its annual sales on Pepero Day. As of 2013, several department stores including Hyundai Department Store, Shinsegae, and Lotte Department Store were benefiting from people celebrating the Pepero day while stores like E-mart and Homeplus were mainly displaying and selling Peperos on the day.

Happy Pepero Day

Pepero is similar to a popular Japanese flavored snack called Pocky. Pepero Day has also been blamed for causing stress among single people, especially among single co-workers. There are different flavors of Pepero are available, and some of them are Chocolate, Strawberry, Almond, White Chocolate Cookie, Tiramisu Cheese, Black Chocolate Cookie, Peanut, Melon, Double “Dip” White Chocolate, Double “Dip” Black Chocolate, Blueberry Yogurt, and much more.  Homemade Pepero is also an excellent way to make them customized towards that special someone and extravagantly decorate and flavor them to your taste. Overall, Pepero Day is a perfect day to enjoy the taste of Pepero with your friends, family members, and even with co-workers.

Other Celebrations on November 11

November 11 is also celebrated as

How to celebrate Pepero Day

The best way to celebrate Pepero Day is by exchanging the Pepero with your friends and loved ones to show how much you love them. For More interest, you can eat 11 packets of Pepero on November 11, 11:11 am, and 11:11 pm at 11 seconds exactly. Take pictures while exchanging Pepero and share them with others on social media by using the hashtag #PeperoDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy Pepero Day 2023.