National White Cane Safety Day is an annual observance celebrated on October 15th of each year. Take time to celebrate and appreciate the achievements of visually impaired people with a day in a year. It is created to celebrate those blind people’s achievements.

“My cane is now of me. I want it by my side. And I always will, even if one strange day I no longer need its support.” – Joshua Prager

History of National White Cane Safety Day

The day was celebrated in 1964. The commemoration of the day set aside the celebration of blind or visually impaired people’s achievements. The day celebrates the white cane, an important symbol of blindness, and is a tool of independence. In 1930, the first of the state laws concerning the right of blind people to go independently with the white cane was passed. The law granted protection for blind pedestrians and carrying the white cane as the right-of-way.

National White Cane Safety Day

National Federation of the Blind in 1963 called upon the governors of each state to proclaim October 15 of every year as White Cane Safety Day. On October 6, 1964, the United States Congress, by joint resolution, approved and designated this celebration. President Lyndon B. Johnson had signed the first White Cane Safety Day Proclamation within hours after the passage of the joint resolution. By 1978, there is an increase in the number of visually impaired people who achieved independence through the white cane.

Other Celebrations on October 15

October 15 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate the Day

You can appreciate the work of the visually challenged person to encourage them. Tell people around you about this day. You can even entertain in helping visually impaired persons. Conduct activities and events to make their day a little more special. Get involved in the promotional activities to help to raise awareness on the use of the white cane. Educate blind people about the use of the white cane and the laws governing it. Post and share your celebrations on social media using the hashtag #NationalWhiteCaneSafetyDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National White Cane Safety Day 2023.