Sanskrit is the sacred language of Hinduism and also the classical language of South Asia. It comes under the language family of Indo-European. There is no native speaker for Sanskrit worldwide. The language has been studied by many for several research purposes and to know about the history of the South Asian continent. It is Lingua Franca of ancient and medieval South Asia. The early form of Sanskrit is called Vedic Sanskrit. The Vedic language is spoken in the Era between c. 1800 – 600 BCE, and the classic Sanskrit is spoken in 700 BCE – 1350 CE. Two major epics that are written in Sanskrit, namely the Rāmāyaṇa and the Mahābhārata. In the upcoming article, let’s see how to say months of the year in Sanskrit.

Months of the year in Sanskrit

In Sanskrit, the word month is written as मन्थ and pronounced as mʌnθ. Similarly, the plural form of the month is also written and pronounced the same. So let’s see the rest of the months of the year in Sanskrit.

How to Say English Months in Sanskrit

Month Name in EnglishMonth Name in SanskritPronunciation
Februaryफेब्यूवेरी / फेब्रूएरी / फेब्रूवेरीfɛbyəwɛri
Aprilएप्रल / ऐप्रलeɪprəl
Julyजूलाइ / जलाइdʒulaɪ
Augustआगस्ट / ऑगस्ट / ऑगस्टɑgəst

How to Say Sanskrit Months in English

The Sanskrit language has a unique calendar apart from the English calendar, in which the number of days in each month varies between 29 and 32.

Sanskrit MonthsSanskrit Months DurationTransliteration
चैत्रःMid-March to mid-AprilChaitraḥ
वैशाखःMid-April to mid-MayVaiśākhaḥ
ज्येष्ठःMid-May to mid-JuneJyeṣṭhaḥ
आषाढःMid-June to mid-JulyĀṣāḍhaḥ
श्रावणःMid-July to mid-AugustŚrāvaṇaḥ
भाद्रपदःMid-August to mid-SeptemberBhādrapadaḥ
आश्विनःMid-September to mid-OctoberĀśvinaḥ
कार्तिकःMid-October to mid-NovemberKārtikaḥ
मार्गशीर्षःMid-November to mid-DecemberMārgaśīrṣaḥ
पौषःMid-December to mid-JanuaryPauṣaḥ
माघःMid-January to mid-FebruaryMāghaḥ
फाल्गुनःMid-February to mid-MarchPhālgunaḥ

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