Malayalam is the state language of Kerala, India, and has official status in Lakshadweep and Puducherry (Mahé). The language has also been spoken in various regions of India like Kerala, with border communities in the Nilgiris, Kanyakumari, Coimbatore, Tenkasi, and Theni districts of Tamil Nadu, Kodagu, and Dakshina districts of Karnataka. It is one of 22 scheduled languages of India with over 33 million speakers worldwide. It comes under the Dravidian language family, and the people who speak this language are called Malayalis. The language has various dialects like Jeseri (Lakshadweep), Arabi Malayalam, Suriyani, Judeo-Malayalam, and Beary. Also, it has several writing systems: Malayalam script (Brahmic), Malayalam Braille, Vattezhuth (historical), Kolezhuthu (historical), Malayanma (historical), Grantha (historical), Arabi Malayalam script (historical), Syriac script (historical), Hebrew script, and Latin script (informal). In the upcoming article, let’s see how to say months of the year in Malayalam.

Months of the Year in Malayalam

In Malayalam, the word months is written as മാസം and pronounced as māsaṁ. Likewise, the plural form of the month is written as മാസങ്ങൾ (months). So let’s see how to say the rest of the months of the year in Malayalam.

How to Say English Months in Malayalam

Month Name in EnglishMonth Name in MalayalamPronunciation

How to Say Malayalam Months in English

The Malayalam language has a unique calendar apart from the English calendar, in which the number of days in each month varies between 29 and 32.

Malayalam MonthsMalayalam Months DurationTransliteration
മേടംMid-April to mid-MayMeṭam
ഇടവംMid-May to mid-JuneEṭavam
മിഥുനംMid-June to mid-JulyMithunam
കർക്കടകംMid-July to mid-AugustKarkaṭakam
ചിങ്ങംMid-August to mid-SeptemberChingam
കന്നിMid-September to mid-OctoberKanni
തുലാംMid-October to mid-NovemberThulam
വൃശ്ചികംMid-November to mid-DecemberVrishchikam
ധനുMid-December to mid-JanuaryDhanu
മകരംMid-January to mid-FebruaryMakaram
കുംഭംMid-February to mid-MarchKumbham
മീനംMid-March to mid-AprilMeenam

Days Based on Months:

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