Croatian is the official language of Croatia and also has been recognized as the official language in countries like Bosnia, Herzegovina (co-official), Serbia (in Vojvodina), Austria (in Burgenland), and European Union. It is one of the standardized varieties of the Serbo-Croatian language. This comes under the language family Indo-European and has over 5.6 million speakers all around the world. The language has been recognized as a minority in Montenegro (co-official on municipal level), Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary (in Baranya County), and Italy. People who speak the language are called Croats. The language has two writing systems: Latin (Gaj’s alphabet) and Yugoslav Braille. Apart from that, it has some dialects, namely the Shtokavian dialect, Chakavian, and Kajkavian. So let’s see how to say months of the year in Croatian.

Months of the year in Croatian

In Croatian, the word month is written as Mjesec and the plural form of the month is written as mjeseci. In the upcoming passage let’s see how to say Slavic months of the year in Croatian.

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How to Say English Months in Croatian

Month Name in EnglishMonth Name in Croatian

Days Based on Months:

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