National Memo Day is celebrated on May 21 of every year. The day marks the most important piece of communication called “Memorandum” or “Memo.” A Memorandum is a note or document or another form of communication that reminds us of something important. The memos are used mostly in the workplace. Simply, the memorandum or Memo is a note made to note down the important message for future use, especially in business.

History of National Memo Day

The exact origin and the founder of National Memo Day are still unknown. But the day is all about those handy memos which bring attention to solving various obstacles, issues, and concerns and it serves as a valuable reminder. From marking the relevant dates, addresses, and telephone numbers to directions, grocery lists, and to-do lists, memos will be very useful. From sticky notes to pieces of scrap paper, Memos are must-haves tools in today‚Äôs busy society.

National Memo Day

Other Celebrations on May 21

May 21 is also celebrated as

How to celebrate the day

On National Memo Day, remind yourself of a specific topic by using a memo, or you can inform other people about something necessary that they shouldn’t forget. You can even draft a memo as a reminder for the next upcoming National Memo Day. You can also tally up how many times you actually use memos so that you can get a feel for how important they are. Post pictures and share your thoughts on social media about Memo Day by using the hashtags #NationalMemoDay or #MemoDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Memo Day 2023!