National Maize Day is celebrated on the day after Thanksgiving. This year, it will be celebrated on November 24. National Maize Day is celebrated to mark the important role that this maize has played in food history. Maize is also called corn in some countries; it is a cereal grain cultivated in Mesoamerica and then later spread throughout the American continent. Corn spread to the rest of the world after European contact with the Americas in the early 16th century and late 15th century.

I know my corn plants intimately, and I find it a great pleasure to know them” – Barbara McClintock.

History of National Maize Day

In 2004, Corinne Lightweaver created the National Maize Day. Maize, which the Europeans call corn, has an ancient and fascinating history and plays unique roles in numerous native myths and legends. There are different varieties of maize, and some of them are used to make corn flour. A few other varieties are best eaten on the cob, and some are best for popping. Unlike other food and crops, maize was common across the Americas. Maize is considered to be one of the very famous and important plants in America. It is the primary food source used by all nations and plays an important part in their daily diet. Anyone who has tried corn on the cob with delicious creamy butter and a pinch of salt knows that maize deserves its holiday. This amazing crop is now used in many types of food, like chewing gum, bread, popcorn, and cornflakes. Corn is used globally as one of the essential ingredients of feed for horses and cows. Hence, it is a perfect day to celebrate the

National Maize Day

Other Celebrations on November 24

November 24 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate National Maize Day

Celebrate National Maize Day by planning a get-together with friends and family members, then cooking and eating a special meal made from various types of maize.  There are also a lot of special events organized around the globe on Maize Day, like maize craft classes and exhibitions, maize growing and cooking competitions, etc.; participate in those activities and enjoy the day. Then, post images while eating corn and share them with others on social media using the hashtag #NationalMaizeDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Maize Day 2023.