Lace Day

Lace Day is an annual observance celebrated on February 3rd of each year. The lace is a delicate fabric that is known for its delicacy, softness and fashion. It has been around the history and was handmade. With so much of popularity, it has gained a special celebration Day in the calendar. Over the years, the elegant fabric is made with the help of the machine. Lace Day is created to celebrate its history, the skill of making, and encourage people to produce the lace by hand and not through the machine.

“I believe that anything can be for men or women. I mean, I’ve worn a lace dress before!” – Marc Jacobs

History of Lace Day

The history, origin, and the year from when the Lace Day has been in celebration is unknown. There is no mention of the person who has come up with an idea to celebrate this special Day. Lace is a delicate fabric manufactured by yarn or thread in an open weblike pattern. It is made either by hand or machine. Linen, silk, gold, or the silver threads were used in lace making originally. In the recent times, lace is made with the cotton thread often. However, linen and silk threads are also still available. The manufactured lace will be made of synthetic fibre and a few modern artists are making the lace with a fine copper or silver wire instead of using the thread.

Lace Day 2018 - February 3

Lace Day

There is a mention by the Italians that the lace was created by Sforza, a Milanese family member in 1943. Whereas the Flemish claimed that the lace is founded on a 1485 painting in which a priest wore an alb with what appears to be lace on it. Lace is used for home decoration, lace doilies, couches, clothing, and more. The lace was universally a sign of prosperity and people are taking great care to keep their lace in good condition.

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How to Celebrate Lace Day

Celebrating the Lace Day is very simple. Learn more about lace, it’s making and manufacturing. Make yourself and your surrounding decorated with lace. Wear a dress made of lace and ask your family members to wear it and enjoy. You can organize a lace-themed party at your home for your friends by decorating the dinner table and chairs with lace made clothes. You can ask the friends to come dressed up in lace clothes. Share your celebration for the lace with your views and photos on the social media using the hashtag #LaceDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy Lace Day 2018.