College Colors Day comes every year on Friday before labor day. It is to uphold the traditions and spirit that make the college experience great by encouraging people across America to wear apparel of their favorite college or university throughout the day. Additionally, College Colors Day strives to support higher education through increased public awareness, and celebrates the achievements of colleges and universities, acknowledging their fundamental importance. Since its conception in 2005, College Colors Day has grown rapidly across the country. Thousands of corporations and millions of individuals participate annually by donning their team colors and sharing in the college spirit with friends and colleagues.

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History of College Colors Day

Organized by the College Licensing Company in 2004, College Colors Day, fans have worn the apparel of their preferred college or university throughout the day. The day was feasted by thousands of organizations, classrooms, and millions of individuals who don their team colors and share their school spirit with friends and colleagues.

College Colors Day

New for 2015, CLC (College Licensing Company) has originated the College Colors Challenge. Giving fans a chance to flaunt their colors and express their school spirit. Football is a unit of America’s most passionate sports. A purpose why College Colors Day came about is to bring attention to intercollegiate athletics. On this day, people are prompted to wear their favorite college or university colors throughout the day and to get excited. Wear your college colors.

How to Celebrate the Day

Take a Selfie, fam photo, or squad photo to show off that college spirit. Show your terminal college spirit by sporting your favorite team’s colors with your friends. Nothing says “GO TEAM!” like a selfie with your squad decked out in your alma mater’s colors.

Revisit or watch your favorite college football game. College universities on game day are one of the most dynamic places to be walking around, and you’d think everyone just won the lottery. Celebrate the best college way possible, tailgating, and watching the football game with friends. There’s no better all-encompassing college experience like game day. Arrange a night out with your college friends. Not only is University a place for sports, traditions, and fun, it’s also a place to building lifelong friendships. To reveal your true colors for your school, organize a get-together with your favorite college buddies. Remember about those college glory days, relive those traditions, and show how the college spirit lasts for many years to come. You can use the hashtag #CollegeColorsDay to post on social media.

Thank you for reading the post. Celebrate each day with and Happy College Colors Day 2021.