National Coffee Milkshake Day is commemorated every year on July 26. A delightful combination of creamy ice cream blended with your favorite flavor of coffee is a perfect drink for a warm summer day. A coffee milkshake contains less caffeine than an iced coffee, so that makes it more kid-friendly. This coffee milkshake is one of the delicious flavors in the milkshake, so don’t count calories drink that shake.

Milkshakes are the gift from heaven that come in different flavors.” –  Anthony T. Hincks

The History of Coffee Milkshake Day                                     

The history and the origination of National Coffee Milkshake Day are not found. However, the term milkshake was first used in 1885. During that time, milkshakes were entirely different from what we currently drink, as they were mixed with alcoholic drinks like whiskey with egg, something similar to today’s eggnog. Very soon, the milkshake was made without alcohol and was prepared using ice cream, milk, sweeteners, and flavors like chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla syrups. By the 1930s, milkshakes became a favorite drink at the ice cream parlors, which were a common meeting place for students. In the 1940s and 1950s, milkshake sharing became a sign of intimacy between couples who were dating. Somewhere along the way, coffee was added to milkshakes to give them the caffeine boost and to add the unique flavor that was loved by millions of people worldwide, and then a day must have been created to celebrate the delicious combination of coffee and ice cream. There have been countless variations of this drink, which makes them a versatile food.

National Coffee Milkshake Day

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How to celebrate National Coffee Milkshake Day

National Coffee Milkshake Day is the best day to celebrate Coffee Milkshake, during this day people make a coffee milkshake for their colleagues down at the office to make their day special. It can be created with various delicious flavors of coffee with a little bit of chocolate into the mix to make them more exciting and tasty. Coffee milkshakes are pretty easy to be made, so get your hand in the kitchen to make them. A hint of coffee in the milkshake will make the drink more delicious and refreshing, so have them at your favorite place. Post pictures and share your National Coffee Milkshake Day celebrations on social media by using the hashtag #CoffeeMilkshakeDay.

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