Coast Guard Day acknowledges the courageous work of the coast guards. When Hurricane Katrina hit the Atlantic coast of America, the US Coast Guardsmen saved more than 33,500 lives and evaluated 24,000 of these were saved from peril in severely dangerous conditions.

Coast Guard Day - August 4

History of Coast Guard Day

It is held each year to commemorate the establishment of the United States Coast Guard as the Revenue Marine on the 4th of August 1790, by then-Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton. On that date, Congress, guided by Alexander Hamilton, authorized the building of a fleet of the 1st ten Revenue Service cutters, whose responsibility would be the implementation of the first tariff laws enacted by Congress under the Constitution.

Coast Guard Day - August 4

Other Celebrations on August 4

August 4 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate this Day

In America, there are numerous events nationwide for you to get involved in and show your support. In the United Kingdom, although not directly associated with the HM Coast Guard, the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) are a charity organization with the sole aim of protecting those in distress at the sea. They launch more than 6500 times a year and have saved over 134,000 lives since their start.

Celebrate this day with the Coast Guards and share your experience by hashtagging #CoastGuardDay on the social forums.

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